Meet the Chocoholic’s


Jessica Gilchrist

Director / Chocolate Guide

Reigning business owner and director of Chocoholic Tours, Jessica Gilchrist, has pockets full of passion when it comes to trying, testing and tasting all the chocolate discoveries Melbourne has to offer.

Like a petite and sweet truffle, Jess oozes urban city chic whist sharing Melbourne’s richest chocolates and architectural history. But don’t be fooled by her petite packaging! Jess will perfectly present the city’s finest cocoa offerings, as her aunty Suzie Wharton - proprietor of Chocoholic Tours once had. ‘Chocoholism’ – it’s genetic after all!


Amanda McKay

Chocolate Guide

Christmas and birthdays come at once when you’re on tour with amazing Amanda! If you enjoy the English nanny, mystical Mary Poppins type, you’ll be swept off your feet whilst on tour with our Chocoholic Tour Guide – Amanda McKay. Charming and delightful, you simply can’t miss out on sharing your chocolates with this import!


Flick Oriander

Chocolate Guide

Adventure is out there! Be energised by Flick Oriander’s sense of exploration! Peeping behind each corner of the city during your tour and bursting with knowledge of chocolate and historical buildings – you’ll certainly feel a nostalgic touch of Indiana Jones! CRIKEY!

Hailing from Hong Kong, Mandy was a travel journalist, since moving to Melbourne, she has now turned that passion of writing into spoken word extravaganza! Friendly and bubbly, Mandy's style is like you catching up with an old friend showing you the best bits in town. She's curious like a cat, that has been to ever nook and cranny of the city and wants to share all the hidden gems with you all.

The specialty flavour:






Amberly Cull

Chocolate Guide

You'll be sure to have a laugh when you're on tour with Amberly. Her humour, laughter and quirky facts will make your Chocoholic experience that much more exciting! You will be taken on a mystical Chocolate adventure whilst on tour with Chocoholic Tour Guide- Amberly Cull. Funny, sweet & full of energy, you simply can’t miss out on this adventure with her


Louisa Fitzhardinge

Chocolate Tour Guide

Louisa Fitzhardinge is always full of beans - cacao beans, that is! Always keen for a bit of silliness, her bubbly, high-energy style will put a spring in your step as she expertly guides you to all the chocolatey delights that Melbourne has to offer.