What Does Chocolate and Cancer Have In Common?





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jess gilchrist

Having gone through major surgical procedures, treatments and fighting through cervical cancer, there is no holding back this 27-year-old female entrepreneur from sharing Melbourne and a passion for chocolate with tourists from all around the world.


After taking over family owned business in 2015, Jessica Gilchrist was diagnosed with cervical cancer 11 months in. With big goals, systemization plans and overcoming some fairly radical life challenges, Jessica has returned and is ready to take over the Melbourne Tourism market with a tasty twist.

Cultural walking tours are a hot topic in Melbourne with over 46 tour operators exploring the streets everyday. You have to stand out from the crowd so what better way than sharing the ‘love’ drug.

“Returning to tours has bought me so much happiness, all I want is for every person who joins me to feel that same joy while we discover Melbourne together” explains Jessica Gilchrist, owner of Chocoholic Tours.

  • Tourism is a significant economic driver for Victoria worth $21.7 billion in 2014-2015.
  • The league of chocoholics, Australia is in seventh position with the average person eating 4.9 kg of chocolate every year.
  • Chocolate is full of Phenylethylamine, the love drug.
  • 903 females have been diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016

The industry has already recognized Jessica’s devotion to Melbourne at the recent annual general meeting of the City Precinct, electing her as Vice President.

“Jessica is a great advocate for the tourism industry. My advice, get on board for the ride now, it’s going to be an exciting future as she breathes ambition,” says Adrian Byrt, Relationship consultant and events at Victorian Tourism Industry Council.

For further information on how to kick cervical cancer out the door and get back to business, contact Jessica Gilchrist 0418 334 539.

The original piece was written and published by Destination Melbourne.

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