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Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the very first Wicked Chocolate Festival, held at the historic PRAHRAN MARKET.

There was food, drink and entertainment, but most importantly for a chocoholic like myself, there was chocolate and lots of it!

As it was a brand new festival I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.  However, upon arrival, I was instantly mesmerised by the exciting atmosphere, delicious looking treats and chocolaty scent that filled the air.

After consulting my trusty map and guide to the festival, I set off to the main demonstration stage where chocoholics of all ages could watch cooking demonstrations (all based around chocolate of course) and even enjoy a taste test of freshly made chocolate truffles.  Yum!

A popular stop for many festival goers was the chocolate fondue fountain, where you simply paid a dollar and received a marshmallow skewer dipped in delicious, flowing milk chocolate. As delicious as it was, it was also a tad messy. Whoops!

Wandering around to the many unique chocolate pop-up stalls was delightful and I couldn’t help myself from purchasing a few unique goodies from each of my favourites.

If you’re thinking of heading to the next Wicked Chocolate Festival (it’s going to be an annual event), make sure you visit these tasty traders: Bibelot, Chocozero, Wildcrafted Chocolate, The Sweet Event Cupcakes, Burch and Purchese, Weiss and Pana Chocolate, just to name a few (hard to believe there’s even more, I know!)

If you’re a fan of French treats then the delectable choc hazelnut mousse, eclairs and cakes from Rumbles Patisserie might tickle your fancy. Or perhaps you’d prefer to try the choc-dipped strawberries at Paddlewheel?

There was something for everyone at the Wicked Chocolate Festival. From chocolate-coated bacon at Hagen’s Organic Butcher to raw vegan snickers bars from Kook’s Kitchen.

Face painting in the market square was a highlight for the kids and the chocolate and cheese boards from Maker and Monger were a big hit with the adults, however, the most exciting and chocolaty part of the day was the Weiss chocolate eating competition in the demonstration kitchen.

Even more exciting was that a few of the competitors didn’t show up, so naturally I put my hand up to join in the fun. Little did I know I’d be up against a professional eater (yes, apparently that’s a thing!) and several others who had been preparing for this day for weeks.

We had a kilo each of delicious Weiss chocolate, a bottle of water and two minutes each to eat as much as we possibly could in the small amount of time that we had. I definitely didn’t win the competition, but it was a whole lot of fun and the cherry on top of a delightfully delicious day. They even let us take home the chocolate we hadn’t eaten. Score!

If you love chocolate, entertainment, trying new sweet treats or learning tricks of the chocolate making trade, then make sure you keep an eye out for the date of next year’s Wicked Chocolate Festival, it’s sure to be grand!

To keep updated on next year’s festival date, check the Prahran Market website for details.

http://www.prahranmarket.com.au/ (at the start and end of the article)







Words and photos by the delightful Siobhan, you can find more of her exciting adventures and fashion tips over at her blog  www.siobhandonovan.com

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