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Melbourne prides itself on being a city where you have to be “in the know” to get the most out of it. Therefore, we have selected the best local guides who will not only lead you through the laneways and arcades of Melbourne to each of our fabulous chocolate tastings, they will also share there own personal experiences of living in Melbourne. All of our guides are locals who are happy to share their recommendations for bars and restaurants or their go to breakfast and coffee haunts. So, join a tour and make sure you hit them up for their recommendations!

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Amanda - Chocolate Tour Guide in Melbourne


Amanda loves chocolate, Melbourne and talking - this makes her the perfect tour guide! She loves exploring Melbourne’s food scene and laneway culture and will happily share her recommendations with you. She's pretty clued up on where to get a great cocktail or glass of wine too should you need to know! 

She has been working professionally as an actor, voice over artist and teacher for over 25 years and as an amateur foodie all her life! 



Esther is a long-time lover of chocolate. When she was still too young for solid food, her doting older siblings snuck her a kit-kat; an event which is often referred to as the beginning of her addiction! Esther is an actress and student teacher who loves meeting new people. She has lived in Melbourne her whole life and relishes its foodie culture and hidden bars. All this makes Chocoholic Tours an absolute dream job!

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Anna has been a chocoholic since she can remember and has been working as guide for the company since 2016. Working as an experienced guide, teacher and actor for over twenty years professionally, Anna loves nothing more than sharing her love of Melbourne, its culture and the decadent array of chocolate it possesses. Some of her Melbourne must do’s are the National Gallery of Victoria, Royal Botanical Gardens, Cookie for dinner and drinks and Koko Black for a sweet treat on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Olivia Charalambous headshot


Olivia spent her childhood stealing chocolates from her dad’s secret stash hidden in the top cupboard of the kitchen… to this day, she is stealing his chocolates whenever she goes to visit her parents. Not much has changed! When not being a chocolate thief, Olivia is a professional actor, singer and voice over artist. Born and bred in Melbourne to a family of foodies, Olivia is excited to share her favourite haunts of Melbourne and help you indulge in Melbourne’s finest chocolate. Olivia loves making other people laugh and having a great time! You are in for a treat!

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Melbourne prides itself on being a city where you have to be “in the know” to get the most out of it. Therefore, a Chocoholic Tour is a must do for all chocolate lovers and people wanting to get under Melbourne’s surface

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