Chocolate Tours Melbourne

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Chocolate walking tours

Chocolate Tours Melbourne

Chocolate Tours Melbourne
Chocolate Tour in Melbourne

Melbourne Lanes and Arcades Chocolate & Dessert Walking Tour

12:00 pm

3 hours

The Block Arcade

Melbourne Chocolate Tasting Tour

Weekend Melbourne Lanes and Arcades Chocolate Walking Tour

3:00 pm

3 hours

The Block Arcade

Chocolate tour with tasting in Melbourne

Melbourne City Sightseeing Chocolate Walking Tour

2:00 pm

2 hours

St Paul's Cathedral

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The Story of Chocoholic Tours

Suzie’s father was a closet chocoholic who introduced her to the delights and health benefits of chocolate. He was known to never share his spoils but would occasionally let Suzie sample the wonders of a dark chocolate almond.

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5 must-visit international chocolatiers

I’ve been to cities that never close down, from New York to Rio and old London town…Unless you’ve been around the world back, then maybe it’s not the time to unpack your suitcase. Get ready for another trip to experience not only a holiday… but to see some of the best chocolatiers and taste the best chocolate the world has on offer.

Chocolate Tours Melbourne

Couverture Chocolate vs. Compound Chocolate

On our chocolate walking tours all of the chocolate we taste is Couveture chocolate. What does this mean?

Couverture chocolate is a natural product and it has a minimum of 32% cocoa butter –– to which cocoa mass, sugar, milk, an emulsifier, vanilla and other flavourings are added. It is the professional’s choice for making handmade chocolates and desserts because it has a creamier texture. Dark chocolate in particular is less bitter in flavour. Couverture chocolate will last approx. two or three weeks before going off and should never be kept in the fridge.

Compound chocolate on the other hand, is a mix of vegetable fat (without cocoa butter), cocoa powder, sugar and flavourings. The natural cocoa butter is removed and replaced with the vegetable fats. The vegetable fat is used to enable the chocolate to last a lot longer. However, the taste and texture is inferior to couverture and is used in many mass-produced chocolate products.

How to tell the difference at home:

1. The texture: Put the chocolate in your mouth. Don't eat it! On the roof of your mouth Compound chocolate will have an oily texture while couverture chocolate will have a smooth, creamy texture. Now you can eat it!

2. Melting test: Hold the chocolate between fingers. Compound chocolate won’t melt straight away. You will see a fingerprint in the chocolate as oil holds the bar together. Couverture chocolate will start melting in your hand straight away because cocoa butter has a low melting point

Amanda - Chocolate Tour Guide in Melbourne

      Sonja was awesome, friendly, knowledgeable, fun and obviously loves showing Melbourne to happy, smiley chocoholics! The tour was the perfect mix of laneways, arcades, trivia and most importantly... CHOCOLATE. I’ve... read more

    thumb Kate L

      Thought we would do something different while in Melbourne. Esther was our guide who was very good. Lots of taste testing and saw lots of arcades that we hadn't seen... read more


      Our travel agent arranged this tour for us and we throughly enjoyed it. We wanted to do a walking tour of Melbourne and eating chocolate along the way was... read more