Terms & Conditions

Below are the important terms & conditions you should be aware of when making a booking

Guest health

In the interests of staff and guest safety we have updated our processes and procedures.  One of the key areas is the health of guests and staff.

The day before the tour you will receive a reminder email which will contain required screening questions for you to consider.  Please DO NOT attend the tour if you answer Yes to any of the questions.  If you attend the tour, the guide is obligated to refuse your participation on the tour which is embarrassing for everyone.

Please contact us and we will provide a full refund or reschedule your booking to another time.

Contact Tracing

It is a government requirement that we record a first name and contact number for each guest that attends one of our tours.  This information is only to be used for contact tracing purposes.  If you haven’t provided that information at the time of booking please send it through to us.  Otherwise the guide will ask you for the information at the start of the tour.

Please also consider downloading the CovidSafe app.

Cancellation or amendment of a booking

Please refer to our Cancellation policy here.

Minimum number for the tour to run

The Lanes & Arcades walking tours require a minimum of 4 people for the tour to proceed.
The City Sightseeing walking tours require a minimum of 6 people for the tour to proceed.

If the tour you are booked on does not meet these minimum requirements we will contact you two days before your tour to reschedule

Weather Policy

Our tours run in all weathers, hot, cold, wet and windy!  So please keep your eye on the weather report in the days leading up to your tour and bring the appropriate clothing and protection with you.
Our walking tours are predominantly indoors or under shaded areas; however, if you would like to reschedule due to heat or rain, you need to adhere to our Cancellation Policy.  You are welcome to transfer the booking to someone else at any time.